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Many of us fear debate and conflict within our teams but when it comes to being innovative, it is absolutely critical. The thing is, we don’t always have the right or best idea right out the gate, so questioning and debating help strengthen ideas. Yet, it needs to be constructive conflict to be effective. How can we encourage that in our teams?


In the third of a four-part interview series where amazing business leaders interview me about innovation, Kris Boesch, the CEO and Founder of Choose People, a company that supports organizations in solving challenging people problems, dons the interviewer’s hat. Together we dig into what we as leaders can do to promote constructive conflict on our teams.


Constructive conflict needs to be respectful, and we need to debate ideas, not people. I share some of my strategies to help promote this in our teams, including presenting ourselves in a way that allows that space for constructive conflict. It is also important that we have the element of psychological safety, through vulnerability and trust, on our teams. Debate and constructive conflict can be done in a respectful way by being kind, candid and constructive, and coming from a place of care, concern, and curiosity, and not a place of judgment or assumption. By leveraging the friction that naturally exists between our different Everyday Innovator styles, we can turn it into something positive and drive better innovation.

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