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Why questioning our questions can lead to better solutions.

When we think about innovation, we’re often thinking about coming up with the best solutions and creative ways to problem-solve. However, spending some time thinking about the questions we’re asking and the problem we’re trying to solve can help create better solutions. So why do we spend too much time on the solutions and not enough on the questions, and how can we start questioning our questions?

In the second of a four-part interview series where amazing business leaders interview me about innovation, Kris Boesch, the CEO and Founder of Choose People, a company that supports organizations in solving challenging people problems, dons the interviewer’s hat. Together we dig into how we can change our perspectives and start asking deeper questions.

Too often, we get stuck trying to solve superficial problems and addressing the symptoms of the issue instead of getting to the root of the problem. Getting better solutions starts with brainstorming around the questions we’re asking. Try asking:

1. Why do I have this challenge?

2. What else does this challenge impact?

3. Why do I need to solve this challenge, to begin with?


Kris also shares some insights on dealing with toxic work cultures, the importance of being “kind, candid and constructive,” and the role of constructive conflict in innovation.

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