Developing deeper connections key to leadership jason treu

Developing Deeper Connections is the Key to Your Leadership and Influence with Everyday Innovator Jason Treu

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions? Or maybe you know there is more potential inside of you that you aren’t tapping. I know we can’t be ON all the time but it wouldn’t it be great to feel energized and at your best at the place where you literally spend most of your life — work? I’m not talking about health, although that’s important, I’m talking about leadership potential, the potential we all have in us. Today’s guest on Inside LaunchStreet, Jason Treu, is a leadership potential expert, executive coach to leaders and rising stars, and a TEDx speaker. We chat about why leadership is more than just a title and how to get past just “showing up” to work.

Jason’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Instinctual

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