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Whether you’re in the food business or not, disruption and thinking differently in an industry that has been the same for a while is something that applies to all of us. Drew Munro is someone with a passion, and a vision of disrupting the food category but not in the way we’re used to — all because he saw a need in the market that wasn’t being fulfilled — and he joins me on the podcast to share his journey of approaching a traditional industry from a new angle.

Drew Munro is the Co-Founder and CEO of UpMeals, a Canadian food technology startup that’s on a mission to make healthy food accessible 24/7 through technology. UpMeals focuses on providing customers with healthy food through customized smart vending machines that are powered by great management software.

Drew has a background as a professional chef, but how did the intersection of food and technology come together for him? He shares more about his journey to starting UpMeals, and the innovative business model of the company that helps provide customization for each client while scaling up. Drew also shares insights about how he framed the value proposition of UpMeals to prospective clients and adapted its positioning in light of the pandemic. We also dig into breaking into a competitive landscape, dealing with a steep learning curve in customers, and Drew’s vision for the future of healthy food and the role technology will play in it.

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