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Not just about the ‘why,’ but also ‘how’ diversity leads to innovation.

This episode’s question comes from Janet, who is wondering why diversity of thought is important on her team. Beyond that, if you already have a diverse team, how can you be sure you are actually getting all of their diverse perspectives?

Diversity of thinking in our team is the bedrock of innovation. Putting people of different cognitive styles, perspectives, and experiences together helps create an environment where innovation naturally thrives. In fact, innovation is more likely to be implemented when created by a group with diverse mindsets.

However, where we as leaders often stumble is tapping into the diversity of thinking that already exists in your team. The problem usually lies in three areas:

1) People work in silos

2) There is a lack of awareness of how to leverage people beyond their job titles

3) We approach the same people to discuss new ideas


I have some strategies that will help us move past these challenges and start maximizing the full potential of your team at the individual, team, and application levels. Remember, it’s not enough to share why diversity is important — we also need to give our teams the tools to take action to tap into it.

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