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“Don’t Anticipate, Participate” That’s what the teachers told my son and his class in preparation for his Sophomore retreat. And, it’s the advice he gave me when I asked him what they will be doing on their overnight adventure. In this episode I’m going to pass along this wisdom and delve into the fascinating neuroscience that underlies this transformative mindset. Discover how embracing the present moment not only enhances your daily experiences but also brings about positive changes in your brain. Gain practical insights into how cultivating a participatory mindset can lead to improved cognitive function, emotional well-being, and a more fulfilling life. I answer questions about the lizard brain and how to shake it off when you find yourself in a state of anticipation.


Podcast Highlights:


#1 DON’T ANTICIPATE, PARTICIPATE: How this advice encouraged me and my son to be in the present moment and enjoy experiences versus worrying about what’s to come. I share a funny store about why this advice was given to my son and how it got to me.

#2 WORRY NEVER WORKS: I share two stories where I wasted my energy and time worrying about things that never happen and I encourage you, the listeners, to think about how many times you’ve wasted precious time worry about what never comes to fruition. I also share a quote I heard about how 85% of what we worry about never happens.

#3 ANTICIPATION EFFECTS THE BRAIN: I share some insights around what anticipation, worry and stress does to the brain including decreased memory, release of stress hormones, decreased decision-making and more. Basically it’s making you dumb and sick.

#4 JOYS OF PARTICIPATION: On the flip side, I share the benefits of being in a state of participation – of being in the moment, present and in the here and now. I share how this increases memory, energy and satisfaction. I also talk about the power of mindfulness to get more out of any experience.

#5 SHAKING OFF WORRY: Based on questions from the audience, I share how I move from anticipation to participation. I talk about the lizard brain, the gazelle ritual and the important of recognizing where you are. I also share some insights into how to get others to be more present with you. This includes tips on how to acknowledge and redirect.

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