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Bonus episode! Occasionally I like to do episodes covering hot topics by drinking a double shot of espresso and diving in. In this one, you will discover the lost ‘Art of Listening.” Join me as I unravel the impact of echo chambers and empty ears on our society and personal growth.


Key Insights from Episode:

#1 The definition of echo chambers and empty ear; and their impact on your world

#2 How echo chambers and empty ears lead to confirmation bias and how that confirmation bias is killing your creative problem-solving and decision making

#3 How the lack of connection or feeling siloed may be a reflection of your lack of listening skills

#4 Why lack of listening is keeping us divided, dumb, and stuck in place

# 5 The importance of asking open ended questions and deep questions and how that one change can transform your conversation skills; i.e. how to be extremely curious

#6 How  listening with respect and vulnerability is a game changer for relationships of all kinds

#7 Rejecting this idea that my beliefs are right and your beliefs are wrong is the key to connection and success

8 How we are uniquely individual creatures that need and thrive in communities


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