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Better understand the inner workings of your primal brain, aka your lizard brain, by meeting my close and personal friend, Bernard. Bernard is the name and persona I’ve given my lizard brain. He’s the negative chatter, insecurity and fear inside my head. We all have one. I hope by meeting mine you’ll begin to conquer your lizard brain. I’ll also equip you with four powerful tools to conquer your lizard brain and negative chatter.

A Few Insights From this Episode:

#1 Unmask Your Primal Brain: Understand how your primal brain, your internal negative voice, and fear influences your thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

#2 The Impact of Your Primal Brain: Explore the repercussions of letting your lizard brain dominate and how it can impede personal and professional growth, and how your lizard brain creates unnecessary anxiety and stress.

#3 Meet Bernard, Tamara’s Inner Lizard: Familiarize yourself with the concept of your ‘lizard brain,’ and grasp its role in shaping your thoughts and behaviors and how to overcome the negative impact it can have on a daily basis. 

#4 Debunk the Fearlessness Myth: Discover why genuine fearlessness is a myth and how embracing and overcoming your fears fosters personal growth and resilience.

#5 Mastering Your Lizard Brain: Uncover four potent tools to manage and conquer the fear and safety instincts of your lizard brain – Acknowledge, Name, Question, and Time.

#6 Name Your Lizard Brain: Learn how naming your lizard brain creates distance and cognitive dissonance, moving Bernard into the passenger seat of your mind.

#7 Letting Go of Fear: Understand how the ‘letting it go’ experiment can help you silence your lizard brain and push forward with reduced anxiety and stress.


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