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Ever wonder what it takes to turn your life’s passion into a business? Join me as I interview founder of Mach983 Crossfit, Fred Dayton, about his journey from needing an outlet for his stress to opening up a Crossfit gym based on community, support and excellence. We dive deep into the duality of self-sabotage and self-confidence, the importance of community, how empathy has changed him as a human and the importance of having your inner North Star and heart moving in the same direction.


Questions I Asked:

  1. Tell us about how you found Crossfit and why it’s been so transformative for you.

  2. What have been some of the pitfalls and joys of turning your life’s passion into your business?

  3. Is it possible to feel both confidence and insecurity at the same time?

  4. How has empathy and showing up to listen made you a better human while making an impact on others?

  5. How does focusing on building connections and community help you achieve successful?

  6. How do you go about setting high expectations for yourself and others?

  7. Why is it so important to have your inner North Star and heart moving in the same direction?

Conversation Highlights: 

 #1 Transformation Through Crossfit: Explore the profound journey of Fred Dayton as he transcends the downward spiral, delving deep into the world of Crossfit. Discover the intricacies of how this physical and mental metamorphosis reshapes his existence, propelling him to new heights of personal fulfillment.

#2 Passion into Profit: Uncover the exhilarating odyssey of turning your deepest passion into a thriving business. Fred talks about how he has had to navigate the labyrinth of challenges, pitfalls, and joys that come with coaching others to achieve their best selves and launching your entrepreneurial journey.

#3 Stress Outlets: We talk about  the holistic transformation that Crossfit (or whatever speaks to you in your life) offers, not only physically but also mentally. And how it becomes an invaluable outlet for stress and pent-up energy, revolutionizing not just your physique but also your mindset.

#4 Community and Support: Fred decodes the significance of forging connections and building a community. Learn how the mutual exchange of support can be the cornerstone of satisfaction and success in life. Witness the creation of a tight-knit family or network that propels individuals to new heights.

#5 The Joy of Giving Back: We both discuss the fulfilling journey of giving back, exemplified by Fred’s commitment to FYR Denver. Understand how selflessly supporting others can liberate you from stagnation, leading to a life of more purpose and impact.

#6 Embracing Dualities: Delve into the complexity of the human mind, as we examine the coexistence of self-sabotage and self-confidence. Learn how it’s possible to hold both confident and insecure thoughts simultaneously, unraveling the inner workings of our psyche.

#7 Empathy’s Power: Journey into the realm of empathy and compassion, tools for becoming a better human. Witness how a moment of empathy can be the catalyst for positive choices and how it binds people together, fostering deeper connections.

#8 Unseen Impact of Small Gestures: Fred talks about the idea that the ripples we create in others’ lives.Explore how seemingly inconsequential interactions can hold profound meaning for someone else, emphasizing the profound impact of our daily exchanges.

#9 The Gift of Listening: Uncover the art of listening as one of the greatest gifts one can offer. Understand how lending an ear helps individuals find and express their voice, making them feel valued and heard in a world often filled with noise.

#10 Setting High Expectations: Delve into the concept of setting high expectations, both for yourself and those around you. Explore how these standards become the driving force behind personal and collective excellence.

#11 Alignment of Heart and North Star: Dive into the sensation of aligning your heart’s desires with your life’s trajectory. Explore the profound sense of fulfillment that accompanies this alignment, as it propels you toward your true purpose in life.


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