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Tips from one of the most innovative industries.

One of the fields that drive innovation, customer experience, and new ways of thinking is the sports world. As an industry that is always looking to outdo the previous year’s “performance,” the sports industry gives rise to a lot of innovation that can be applied to other industries. To share some insights about this, Fielding Jamieson, Strategy Director at Global Sport Venture Studio (GSVS), an initiative that’s looking to bring together the world’s leading sports organizations to collaborate with each other and engage with startups in the overall sports innovation ecosystem, joins me on the podcast.

So where do sports and innovation intersect? We kick off the conversation by discussing how the sports industry is reacting to the current issues around race and the Black Lives Matter movement, and its impact on culture. Fielding highlights how sports teaches you to take ownership and own up to your mistakes, and why this is so important to be adaptive to changes on the ground. She also shares more about the balance between encouraging people to try new things and keeping the nostalgia of the past, the investment of time and resources into innovation in sports, and how brands are keeping up with changing customer needs.

Fielding’s insights about brand loyalty, how to keep the customer relationship going through this pandemic, and what we need to do to make the customer experience special are sure to be applicable to your industry as well. We also discuss resistors to innovators in the sports industry, why startups are so important, and why we need to be thinking about opening people’s minds, rather than changing them.

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