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Understand your money to open up new paths for yourself. One of the things we don’t talk enough about is money. However, money and financial intelligence can push us forward or hold us back from reaching our goals. Why? Money and the way we think about money tends to control and cloud our emotions, as well as influence how we go through the day, and having a handle on it can help open up new paths for yourself. Henry Daas, Financial Intelligence guru, joins me on the podcast to give us some insights and tips into understanding our money.

Henry Daas is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business in 1991 as an Apple reseller. Today, he is an entrepreneurial coach who does one-to-one coaching for $1 million to $10 million businesses via Zoom, in addition to running a 20-week financial literacy course that covers all the need-to-know aspects of financial intelligence from your first savings bond to your last will and testament. He is also the author of FQ: Financial Intelligence where he shares many basics of money, mindset, and more.

Why do people often avoid understanding or talking about money? Money is a hugely emotional topic, and it has a lot to do with mindset and psychology. Henry shares more about the psychology behind money and some of the things that work against us. We also dig into how to manage a money mindset when our reality may be starkly different, the importance of sitting down and really looking at your finances, as well as risk tolerance and where emotions fit in in financial intelligence (hint: they don’t). Henry has a lot of insights and tips that will help you get on the journey of being more confident with your money, so be sure to tune in.



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