It takes a lot of guts to stand up and be different than the crowd. And, it takes even more guts to stick to it. Today’s Everyday Innovator, Gardar Stefansson, talks to me about how his journey to launching GoodGood started with a love of picking blueberries and a vat of almost expired sweetener, and how he had to dig deep to find the courage to be different (and how that’s paid off). He also talks about the importance of constant experimentation, what he’s learned from some of his wins, and failures, and why small improvements are sometimes more important than the big ones. Gardar also opens up about how the best time to reflect isn’t when you are at a high point, but when you are at your lowest. As he explains, it’s when you are the most critical and honest with yourself. 


Gardar’s Everyday Innovator style:Futuristic Instinctual


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