Focus on Workability, Not Productivity with Roy Redd

Do you ever feel like you are working hard, maybe even harder than you ever have, yet the results don’t show it? It’s as if your productivity is through the roof, but the outcomes are still lackluster. My guest today, Roy Redd, shares with me a concept he lives by called “Workability.” In short it’s finding what works, what gets results, and doing more of that, and getting rid of the busy work. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Roy and I also dig into fear of failure really being fear of looking like a failure, our misperceptions of stress, and how he went from homeless to a successful business man. 





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You know I’m all about getting into the Zone. It’s where I get my best work done. Of course I’ve perfected the external triggers that get me into that creative and focused space, and my favorite is No joke, every time I turn it on the distractions around me disappear and my energy and my mind just flow. Try it today!

Today’s guest, Roy Redd is a real rock star. If you want to connect with him, get his book, book him to speak, or just continue to learn from a person that’s out there doing it, go to his website. You’ll find everything you need and more there. 

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