This week’s insights are all about being 10% better, building partnerships, focusing on who you can be, and understanding motivators. The Everyday Innovators came for a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds and Everyday Innovator styles. Marcy Eastman (Collaborative Imaginative) the top real estate agent, Jeff Reisig (Futuristic Inquisitive) the district attorney in California, Kris Boesch (Instinctual Imaginative) president of ChoosePeople, and Duncan Seawell (Futuristic Inquisitive) board member of Forging Youth Resilience. I’m also going to start the episode with an experience I once had that proved to me that innovation is from everyone and everywhere. In doing so I hope you find ways to take what you are learning and transfer it into action. Link and listen to any of the episodes. 


Tamara’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Experiential

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