This week’s insights are all about being solution minded, trusting yourself, and making it feel easy. I also share a story and some insights around overcoming decision fatigue, something so many are facing right now.  The Everyday Innovators came for a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds and Everyday Innovator styles. Susan and Paul Kadilak (Tweaker Experiential & Experiential Inquisitive)  in home remodeling, design and construction,  Denise Allman (part one and part two) (Instinctual Inquisitive) co-owner of kid’s strength and conditioning – Mighty Movement, Mariekie Quinn (Instinctual Collaborative)  program coordinator at Linkedin and health coach. I’m going to share my big insights and experiments and in doing so I hope you find ways to take what you are learning and transfer it into action. Click and listen to any of the episodes. 


Tamara’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Experiential

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