This week’s insights are all about efficiency vs. effectiveness, the power of stress, inexperience as a positive & gap thinking.  I’m’ also going to share a story about rearranging the box you have to find your big ideas – hint, it has to do with hairy leg, vodka and razors. The Everyday Innovators came for a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds and Everyday Innovator styles. Paul Ace (Inquisitive Collaborative) technology & conversational commerce leader, Roy Redd (Experiential Tweaker) business coach and entrepreneur, Sean Richard (Collaborative Inquisitive)  engineer and leader at Schneider Electric  and Gary Peyton  (Experiential Tweaker) leader in the IT events space & owner EFM Events. I’m going to share my big insights and experiments and in doing so I hope you find ways to take what you are learning and transfer it into action. Click and listen to any of the episodes. 


Tamara’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Experiential

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