Friday Wrap Up – Insights on Obstacles, Motivators, Frustrations and Your Ego

This week’s insights are all about obstacles, motivators, frustrations, and your ego. This week I interviewed three very different Everyday Innovators –  Sara Meaney (Inquisitive Risk Taker) with a successful career pushing innovation in traditional industries, Jacob Weinstein (Risk Taker Inquisitive) launching two businesses in healthcare that work to solve massive frustrations, and Jenn DeWall (Instinctual Inquisitive) with a career in leadership training that isn’t afraid to have the tough conversations. Each interview is full of great stories and insight. In this Friday wrap-up, I’m going to share the aha moments that spoke to me and how they impacted my work and results. In doing so I hope you find ways to take what you are learning and transfer it into action. On our website, I’ll also link back to these interviews so you can access them. 


Tamara’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Experiential

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Jenn’s Everyday Innovator style: Inquisitive Instinctual

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