Friday Weekly Wrap UP With Tamara Ghandour Innovation Podcast

Friday Wrap Up – Insights on Self Negotiation, Falling in Love, Callusing Your Mind, and Listening to the Whispers

This week’s insights are all about self-negotiation, falling in love, callusing your mind, and listening to whispers of inspiration. This week’s Everyday Innovator interviews were very different – Sergio Nazzaro the Realtor(Inquisitive Instinctual), Jennifer Beechen the marketing director in pet food (Futuristic Collaborative), Tyler Millstein the Crossfit gym owner (Risk-Taker Instinctual), and Traci Brown the body language trainer (Inquisitive Risk-Taker).  In this Friday wrap-up, I’m going to share the aha moments that spoke to me and how they impacted my work and results. In doing so I hope you find ways to take what you are learning and transfer it into action. On our website, I’ll also link back to these interviews so you can access them. 


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