This week’s insights are all about shifting focus, giving people a voice, transition points, and finding meaning in problems. This week’s Everyday Innovator interviews were very different –Dave Scott(Futuristic Tweaker) the Ironman 6x champion, Kelly Foster (Collaborative Tweaker) leader in the Army Research Laboratory, Randy Pierce (Inquisitive Tweaker) the sports doctor and boxing academy owner,  and Drew Munro (Imaginative Collaborative) the startup of healthy food in vending machines – Upmeals. I’m going to share the aha moments that spoke to me and how they impacted my work and results. I’m also going to start the episode with one of the most powerful lesson I’ve ever received – Jump on 2!  In doing so I hope you find ways to take what you are learning and transfer it into action. Link and listen to any of the episodes. 

Tamara’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Experiential


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