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How Breaking Old Habits And Creating New Ones Is The Key To Harnessing Change with Gabe Shaoolian

Changing Your Routine Requires Constant Reinforcement

You know what feels hard? Change. In this episode of Inside LaunchStreet, I interview Gabe Shaoolian, digital marketing, and business development expert who started an agency as a one-man show and grew it to a mid-size global digital agency with over 250 full-time employees. He works with clients big and small that are trying to manage change. We talk about how the hardest part of innovation and change is breaking old habits to create new ones. How it takes more than the change itself but constant reinforcement. In fact, that reinforcement should become part of your routine. We also dig into how sometimes you need to break away from the day to day just to get out of the weeds and see the bigger picture and how badly it sucks when your customers tell you they don’t like what you are hawking.


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Key Takeaways:

[1:52] You might be surprised to know that Gabe still feels like he hasn’t been successful and hasn’t achieved enough.
[3:24] Gabe started Blue Fountain Media and ran it for thirteen years. He sold it to a Fortune Global 500 company. He left Blue Fountain Media to start a product-based website. A few months after launch, he had to change the business plan. He was heartbroken that his original vision wasn’t going to come to fruition.
[5:04] Gabe talks about his original vision versus the shifted vision. He built Design Rush and realized he needed to look at the big picture after receiving some feedback from his users.
[9:00] Tamara reminds listeners that you can’t fight your audience or the feedback and that it’s often good to break away from the weeds to even see what’s going on. Gabe and Tamara discuss the importance of doing a test marketing pilot program.
[11:05] What other lessons did Gabe learn along the way? Tamara and Gabe discuss the positives and negatives of belonging to a remote work team. Tamara loves the vibe and energy of her shared workspace.
[16:20] Gabe’s definition of a change agent is someone that helps you review, strategize, improve, and define your business goals. Change agents identify what can be improved to make it more efficient or more effective.
[18:27] Gabe identifies implementation as the biggest hurdle after the change is identified. Effort, time and a big executive push are needed to make the change. Listen in as he describes how to successfully begin making the change. Employees need to understand and execute the change.
[20:30] Gabe shares his experience about being trained while working at The Wiz electronics store in New York City. At first, he followed all processes and procedures exactly and was very successful. His fellow teammates weren’t doing it and so he quit. He wasn’t nearly as successful after he quit following the processes and procedures. Gabe reminds listeners that processes must be documented and enforced. They must be monitored every week by managers.
[25:32] Listen in to find out why change is so difficult. Gabe compares change to a commitment to going to the gym.
[27:28] Why is change harder for large companies?
[29:37] What does Gabe see as the next big game changers coming to the big companies?
[30:32] Tamara shares a personal story proving that mass advertising doesn’t work. Her boys were trying to bypass the commercials on TV. The commercials affected the boys in a negative way, instead of enticing them to buy the product.
[33:17] Tamara questions why aren’t the companies prepared for the ‘I want what I want when I want it’ movement? She thinks that large companies miss the mark in testing and validation.
[37:00] Gabe shares his two-minute blueprint for getting your business off the ground. Why is a fast loading site so important?
[41:00] Connect with Gabe at Design Rush.
[41:24] Gabe’s final piece of advice is to be ready for an adventure.
[42:43] Tamara asks listeners to think about the one habit that’s holding you back. Then, think about the new habit you want to form. Finally, create an action plan for reinforcement.



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