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Start with the future and look back.

Would you like to know what the future holds? You already have the answers within your organization — you just have to know where to look, and how to listen. Geoff Thatcher explains how we can all get into the CEO’s Time Machine to start innovating the future.

Geoff Thatcher is Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Creative Principals, and an experienced designer. Since the age of 14, he has worked at theme parks, museums, and visitors centers and focuses on experiences. When the pandemic hit, Geoff’s main business had to hit pause, but he took the opportunity to bring to life a book he had been sitting on for some time — The CEO’s Time Machine.

The only way to invent the future is to go there and then look back. To Geoff, it’s a matter of perspective. He explains his approach to helping people shift their perspective from the anchors that are holding them in today, to something in the future, and why it’s so important to hear others and be heard. Geoff shares why he believes we need to listen to young people and avoid shutting them down, how to set expectations in innovation, and why the future is truly only limited by our perspective, our imagination, and our creativity.


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