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We all know that I am a big fan of using the rules to drive innovation because they force people to think differently about what’s right in front of them. There are so many examples, especially in recent times, where companies have innovated and taken their businesses to the next level by innovating around restrictions, limitations, and constraints.

But how do you really know which are the rules and which are merely conventions, patterns, or habits in your personal life or work that are no longer relevant? How do you differentiate between the rules and things that are masquerading as rules?

These ways of doing things or conventions to achieve certain results may have come about because of something in the past, or they may have worked for other people but not for you. They can exist at a personal level, at a team and company level, and at an industry level, and we need to be aware of them so that we can start questioning them and finding the innovation there. I share five key phrases that you can listen for to identify if something is really a rule, or just pretending to be one.

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