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Inside LaunchStreet’s 2018 Business Strategy Will Guide Listeners to Experience Every Day Impact, Surprise and Delight.

Does telling people your goals make you nervous? Yeah, me too! What if I don’t succeed? What if I do? But, we are in this together and because we are a community of innovators, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing the big pushes. Where Inside LaunchStreet is headed — what we are going to start, stop, and keep doing. The big dreams and how-tos. My hope in sharing is that you’ll start to think about your goals, what you need to change, and how to take massive action in 2018! It’s game time, LaunchStreeters, let’s do this together!

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Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Join Tamara as she puts her business innovation out there, pulls back the curtain and shares where Inside Launchstreet is headed in 2018.

[3:34] Tamara states that you have to keep changing and evolving. As you listen to the podcast, ask yourself how you are going to change and evolve in your arena.

Inside Launchstreet’s 2018 business strategy is going to focus on three things — 1: What am I going to stop doing? 2: What am I going to start doing? and 3: What am I going to keep doing?

[6:05] Podcast, innovation on demand, innovation quotient edge assessment and keynotes will all be filtered by using the three-question process.

[7:06] Tamara shares that the 2018 theme will consider everyday impact, surprise, and delight.

[8:55] Why is Inside Launchstreet’s growth goal 12x? What does it take to achieve 12x growth?

[10:20] The podcast is crushing it! The most frequent request is more guest interviews per week and more Q&A with Tamara. In the future, look for more intrapreneurs and innovators inside organizations that disrupt and change the game at work.

[14:22] Tamara is going to devote more time to engage in the closed Facebook groups. There is a group for entrepreneurs and a group for intrapreneurs. She’s excited to connect with you on Facebook. You’ll find podcasts, tips, and nuggets of inspiration.

[16:58] The Innovation quotient edge assessment (IQE) tells you your ideal edge so that you can innovate at the top of your game. Podcast guests will now be taking the IQE before their interview. This will help the listener identify insight into their own innovative self and will help them be an innovation rockstar! Take the IQE here.

[19:14] Keynotes create an innovation experiment together. Tamara loves connecting with people and sharing wisdom with others. The only shift will be building more relationships with speakers, bureaus, and agents.

[20:46] LaunchStreet On Demand is our microlearning online programs. It provides you with the top innovation mindset tools, resources, and ideas. It’s for both individuals and teams. Find out what shift is happening with outreach.

[23:13] In 2018, Launchstreet will be partnering with associations in industries that are experiencing change and recognize that innovation will leverage the change.

Members will become leaders and have access to the best resources out there.

Reach out to Tamara if you have ideas for associations.

[27:10] Twenty-five years of experience, knowledge, and learning are going into Tamara’s experiential, digital book. She’s creating an engaging playbook that will bring to life content through stories. The reader will connect through emotions. It will have lots of RSA visuals, interactive content, and videos. It will be available in digital and printed copy. The goal is to have it available in Fall 2018.

[32:15] If you have advice or ideas to share, please go to the Facebook groups and share. LaunchStreet is a place where we can think differently, learn and grow.

[33:04] Listen in to learn about Tamara’s abundance mantra. She challenges LaunchStreet listeners to create their own mantra.

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