When you are trying to lead change, you hit a lot of resistance. That resistance comes from people fearing being left behind, people afraid of what change might mean for how they do their job, or just confusion around what change means for them. My guest today, Enrique Rubio, as the founder of HackingHR, has a lot of experience dealing with the resistors of change, and pushing through them. In our conversation Enrique shares how he had this vision for what’s possible in the human resources field, and how that gap in where they are today versus where they need to be tomorrow drove him to “hack HR.” He also talks about how he recognizes people’s fear of change and instead of leaving people behind, works to help people see what’s possible and the role they have in the future. He also dives into how he handles rejection, what he learn from it, and why he thinks all the nos he’s received have made him and his ideas stronger. Enrique also talk about the power of building community and momentum to ignite lasting change. 






Enrique’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Instinctual

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