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Disruption can be a positive force for helping you find your value. In fact, keeping up with disruptors on the edges takes a real understanding of the value you bring to the table. Our Everyday Innovator guests, Mike Kenevan and Jessica Howard share how they see the human role in a technology-driven world, and how to define the value you bring. As leading branch managers at Spire Financial, they talk about how they’ve adapted to change in their industry and being nimble when necessary. They also dig into how to keep moving forward when the obstacles you face feel insurmountable and being the person that helps others ease their stress and make good decisions. They also talk about how “this is the way we’ve always done it” is the worst phrase you can think and say in the face of uncertainty if you want to be innovative and why you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. They also open up about the negative consequences of sweeping things under the rug and avoiding the tough conversations and situations, and why you can’t lead from a place of fear.





Mike’s Everyday Innovator style: Collaborative Inquisitive

Jessica’s Everyday Innovator style: Inquisitive Risk Taker

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