It’s so easy to put all the different aspects of our lives in different and separate boxes, each to be treated individually. But as our Everyday Innovator guest, Denise Allman, shows us, we must view our work and lives as a whole and integrated system. She shares how creating shifts in one area impacts the other areas, how distraction is comfort seeking in disguise, and why worrying about other people’s opinions is a waste of time. As the co-founder of Mighty Movement she also shares how she and her husband found a way to leverage technology to serve their clients. And, she opens up about why it’s important to both serve your goals and massively support others in reaching their goals, and how people that ask questions, are the ones that get the answers they seek. This is part two of an incredible interview so be sure to loop back and check out the first episode if you missed it. 




Denise’s Everyday Innovator style: Inquisitive Instinctual

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