We glorify being busy and declare anyone that isn’t double booked and overworked a slacker. But what if being busy isn’t only the wrong benchmark of success, what if it’s also working against you? Author of Done By Noon, Dave Ruel, and I talk about how to reframe your mindset around productivity and being busy, how working hard and working smart aren’t actually an either or, the 3 type of freedom we are after, and the cost of drift. He also breaks down the main tasks you should be doing to be productive, how to get the wrong task that are weighing you down off your plate, and the power of calendar blocking. And, I’ll remind us all that busyness makes it harder to innovate, but being productive fosters innovation in your mind and work. 


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Don’t forget to check out his book, Done By Noon. It’s full tangible how-tos to help you master your schedule and get the right things done, without being busy. 

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