How to Break Through the Digital Noise with Everyday Innovator Stephen Pacinelli

How to BreakThrough the Digital Noise with Everyday Innovator Stephen Pacinelli

There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly digital world where a lot of our communication takes place via text on screens, i.e. email. That’s why human connection is ever more important in helping us build those relationships. Steve Pacinelli has just the insights to share on how we can use videos to stand out in a cluttered inbox and rehumanize our businesses.

Stephen’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Futuristic

Stephen Pacinelli is the Chief Marketing Officer of BombBomb, a tool that helps users create and send simple videos via email. As a Sales Manager, Vice President of Events, and the National Speaker for, Steve has immense experience in sales, marketing, and speaking, which he taps into to help people improve human connection. Recently, Steve co-authored the definitive guide to better business communication, Rehumanize Your Business, which explains how to dramatically improve relationships and results in your business through video.

What are we missing by communicating via email? It’s not just about conveying your tone to the other person, but also overcoming their current feelings at the time. Steve explains how BombBomb allows people to make email as warm and personal as a face-to-face meeting through connecting people, and rehumanizing business. We discuss how to harness video as a tool even in regular communication, and what makes video such a powerful tool to influence decisions — you can ignore the text on a screen, but not a person. Steve shares some case studies of how videos help to make communication personal and human, and his tips and strategies for leveraging video to stand out and grab attention amidst all the distractions.

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