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Put On Your Badge of Courage and Bring Ideas to Life

Do feel like you spend all your time preparing presentations? And even with all that time spent, it feels like none of the ideas you spent all that time of move forward? You aren’t alone. It’s the presentation loop and it’s got to stop. Tatiana from KFC asked me how she could get out of the presentation loop and into what I call the “culture of experimentation.” This is where ideas get to breathe life, where you test out the real viability of your thinking. It’s where you stop presenting and start bringing ideas to life. It’s what truly innovative companies do. My co-pilot and I dig deep into the difference and how you can make that transition too.


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Key Takeaways:

[1:22] Tamara believes that the presentation loop squelches innovation. Tamara and co-pilot, Connie Warden, discuss how to get out of the loop so that you can create a culture of experimentation.

[3:10] Tamara recently delivered a keynote speech at the Women’s Foodservice Forum. Tatiana, from KFC, asked, “How do I get out of the deck loop”? Connie asked what a deck is. Tamara describes that a deck is basically a presentation or Powerpoint. The girls discuss the importance of using lingo that your audience understands. They also bring up that it’s so important to ask questions if you don’t know what is being talked about.

[7:00] Tamara believes that when we are stuck in the presentation loop that ideas go nowhere for two reasons. First, we spend all of our time presenting and none of our time doing. Second, It’s hard to gauge the viability of an idea on paper. If we can cut out some presenting time and spend time doing, we will know the viability of the idea and we will know where to spend our time. Connie talks about author, Robert Holden. People are taught to innovate but oftentimes aren’t even sure what idea or problem they are supposed to be working on. Tamara shares that a top retail executive recently came to her but didn’t know how to operationalize innovation. He lacked a focus on how to lead his team in innovation. The focus needs to be on shifting with the market, and harnessing change.

[10:55] How can you get into a mode of experimentation? Tamara shares how Inside LaunchStreet brought Innovation on Demand to life. Connie shares that you have to have courage and that you don’t go from idea to perfection all at once. Tamara and Connie talk about Connie’s idea about stress relief in a box. The first launch never looks like your the idea you envisioned.

[14:48] You can’t go from a Powerpoint to the perfect launch. Tamara thinks that if you can get out of presentation mode, you can move forward. It’s so important to build your idea. People can give response and feedback to physical ideas much easier than a piece of paper. If you can present the model and feedback, you can bring your idea to life much quicker. You are providing validation as to why this idea should move forward.

[16:46] Connie and Tamara discuss the need for courage. You have to be comfortable with people poking holes and not take it as a personal attack or negativity. Get those people to help you fill the holes. Take the feedback from the marketplace and use it to move forward, not shut you down.

[17:04] Find out why you need both “yes anders” and “no butters” to bring your ideas to life. People often shoot down ideas because of how the ideas is presented. Tamara encourages listeners like Tatiana to just do it! Build it, get feedback and then incorporate that into your presentation. People just need to see the difference between presentation and experimentation.

[20:12] It takes courage and a willingness to accept that you’re the first to shift change. Tamara shares that Inside LaunchStreet has developed their own Shark Tank. They each get $50 to experiment and bring an idea to life. Then, they vote on who moves on to the next stage. The ones who move on, get more money to continue testing viability.

[21:44] Tamara encourages Tatiana to think small scale, think consistency and to have courage to be the first one to try it.

[22:02] Tamara challenges listeners to build out their idea. Actually bring it to life and get feedback. Go to Inside Launchstreet to help you get started.



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