Today’s episode is going to help you avoid being derailed by difficult people who stall or slow down your work. Whether you like it or not, you will lead, manage or be on a team with difficult people. Aside from being annoyed, what do you do? What I’ve learned in my 25 plus years of work is that what you can’t do is ignore them. In fact, as an innovator, you need to get them on board or get them out. But trying to move forward by ignoring or brushing their difficultness under the rug won’t work. In fact, it will work against you. Our guest today, Jonno White is dedicated to creating strong relationships at work that move and business forward. We dig into what to do with difficult people, and situations, and how to not let things fester to the point of no return. 



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Check out Jonno White’s book, Step Up or Step Out. As we talk about in the podcast and he goes into detail in his book, you can manage a difficult person to either get on board or get out in just 4 weeks. 

Jonno White’s website also includes the 7 questions and other things we discussed. 

You know I’m all about getting into the Zone. It’s where I get my best work done. Of course, I’ve perfected the external triggers that get me into that creative and focused space, and my favorite is No joke, every time I turn it on the distractions around me disappear and my energy and my mind just flow. Try it today!

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