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Moving from doers of innovation to enablers of innovation.

This episode’s question comes from Amelia, who is a part of an innovation team in her company. How can she get people outside the innovation team to think about innovation and overcome the ‘us vs. them’ mentality that has been created?


Creating an innovation team comes with the good intention of driving innovation, but unfortunately, it’s often a misguided step that leads to negative outputs. When you limit innovation to just one team, you’re not tapping into the full potential available in your organization and creating an ‘us vs. them’ mentality, which means ideas do not move forward or get implemented. It also has unintended consequences such as demoralizing the team, shutting down innovation across the rest of the organization, and removing the people who should be innovating away from where the work is happening.


The thing is, innovation is actually for everybody. Great solutions, ideas, and improvements come from all around your organization, not just one select team. I have some practical ways to move past these challenges, which focus on shifting your mindset from thinking of the team as enablers of innovation, rather than doers. I share some tactical strategies to get the ‘innovation team’ out of the doer mindset and into the enabler mindset so that they can be accountable for innovation, rather than responsible for it.


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