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Three simple tools to stop banging your head against a brick wall.

This episode’s question comes from Morgan, who is facing a few work challenges she can’t seem to overcome. If you’re feeling like your brain is on a hamster wheel trying the same things over and over again, how do you get unstuck?


A lot of us have experienced this at some point. We’re approaching a problem and for some reason, we end up banging our head against the same brick wall, and can’t find a way around/over/under/to remove it. I have three super simple tools and exercises that you can use to get unstuck.


#1 — The questions you ask determine the answers you receive, so you have to start asking new questions. I share two strategies to start asking different questions: Word Game and Flip It.


#2 — Overcome your unconscious bias. Your primal mind is working against you because it’s trying to stay in alignment and avoid “new and different.” I have two strategies that you can use to trick your brain into letting in new ideas and different patterns of thought to see fresh perspectives.


#3 — Idea storm or mind map from the solutions you create. Use your solution as a springboard and starting point for new ideas.


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