You’ve heard me say it before. Having an innovative idea is only half the battle. The other half is getting buy-in for your ideas. Many brilliant innovations come to a dead stop at the presentation phase. It got me thinking, “What are we doing so wrong?” Our guest, Everyday Innovator Oren Klaff, breaks down how he gets people to sign over multi-millions of dollars on his idea pitches. We have a fast-paced conversation where he breaks down the difference between our presentations and the lizard brain, why “winter is coming” is the start of every presentation (i.e. get ready for a change), and how to show excitement without desperation so you can craft an irresistible presentation or pitch to anyone. As the author of Pitch Anything and Director of Capital Markets at investment bank Intersection Capital, he know how to how to get people to listen. Oren also opens up about how people only want what they can’t have and how to be both excited and scarce at the same time. 




Oren’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Futuristic


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