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Five strategies to address busywork and focus on high-value activities.

This episode’s question comes from Ed in the real estate industry who finds that his time is often sucked up doing busywork. How can he carve out and protect the time of day where he’s at his best to do the things that actually move the needle forward?

A lot of us know that we engage in activities that are busywork and don’t really move your business forward but not many of us realize just how much time we lose doing this. I suggest tracking all the activities you do in a day, and then assessing if these are activities that move the needle forward or are just busywork. You may be surprised at the results.

I also have some suggestions for you to protect your time, so that you can stay in the high-performance zone where you’re doing the things that matter.

Strategy #1: Have an 18-minute time cap on meetings.

Strategy #2: Ease into it.

Strategy #3: Block out time in your calendar to focus on high-value activities.

Strategy #4: Start your day earlier and work around the busy times of your business.

Strategy #5: Reduce work that doesn’t move the needle forward.

It all comes back down to tracking where your time is going so that you can start addressing the problem and protecting your best hours to dedicate to the activities that really make a difference.


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