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We’ve all heard different things being accused of being the enemy of innovation — perfection, consensus, analysis-paralysis, etc. However, one big enemy of innovation that often gets overlooked and forgotten is indifference. We are living in times when there is a lot of indifference in the marketplace and the world. Suboptimal work environments, and uncertain global climate, being overstimulated because of the constant updates from the media all contribute to pushing us toward indifference.

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Unfortunately, when people are in the zone of indifference, they are showing up and checking off the boxes, but they are not bringing their best. They are not innovating. Personally, I would rather have a team that is energized, excited, angry, or upset than indifferent — because they have to care enough to feel any of those emotions.

So how can we get our teams out of this state of indifference and push them towards innovation? I share three of my most powerful strategies (plus a bonus!) to move people from indifferent to engaged: 1) Acknowledge their impact, 2) Tap the rewards center of your people, 3) Be the coach, not the manager, Bonus) Don’t solve their problems for them

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