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Our brains can’t innovate and analyze at the same time.

Have you ever had an idea and automatically shut it immediately down thinking, “No, that won’t work at all,” and then found that you couldn’t come up with any groundbreaking solutions? That’s because it’s next to impossible to innovate and analyze at the same time. So, why is it so difficult to innovate and analyze at the same time, to the point that you can’t do it at all, and it shuts down all innovation?

In this episode, where Kris Boesch, the CEO and Founder of Choose People dons the interviewer’s hat, we dig into the neuroscience and environmental factors that make it almost impossible to innovate and analyze at the same time, as well as how to overcome this problem.

We often shut down our own wild ideas, and as leaders, we shut others down as well. This stunts innovation, and prevents great ideas from emerging, so how do we disrupt that? Recognize what’s happening, and start thinking about innovation and analysis as two different steps, one before the other. We also explore what leaders can do to really support that innovation of thinking, how to keep innovation pathways open as leaders by avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes, as well as how perfectionism and innovation are interrelated.

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