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Why our current situation calls for more innovation to survive.

Now more than ever, we need to tap into our innovative sides to find a path to move forward, particularly because the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused the world to shift in an unprecedented way. Innovation is no longer something that is ‘nice to have’ or something that we can put off to a future time; to survive, we must innovate by turning obstacles into opportunities and seeing the potential in our current situation. That’s why we need everyone to innovate, and that’s why innovation is everybody’s business and the title of my new book which we are diving into this episode.


Maureen “Mo” Berkner Boyt is the founder of the Moxie Exchange, a company dedicated to unleashing human potential at work. Mo dons the interviewer hat to dig deep into my book Innovation is Everybody’s Business: How to Ignite, Scale, and Sustain Innovation for Competitive Edge. We talk about innovation from an everybody/everyday perspective and I share the context for why innovation is so important, particularly at a time when it feels like we’re literally trying to survive.


Innovation is just as much about how you work, as it is about your products and services — it’s not enough to just think about how to create novel products and services if you are not keeping up with changes in the workplace. I share some of my insights about the four winds of change that are driving us now: accelerated change, micro-disruptions, a crowded playing field, and AI & technology and what we can do to get out of the survival mindset and into innovation. It’s really about taking what we’re already doing, and tweaking, adjusting, and doing things differently to adapt to our new circumstances.


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