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Developing Deeper Connections is a Necessity When Building Leadership Skills

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions? Or maybe you know there is more potential inside of you that you aren’t tapping. I know we can’t be ON all the time but it wouldn’t it be great to feel energized and at your best at the place where you literally spend most of your life — work? I’m not talking about health, although that’s important, I’m talking about leadership potential, the potential we all have in us. Today’s guest on Inside LaunchStreet, Jason Treu, is a leadership potential expert, executive coach to leaders and rising stars, and a TEDx speaker. We chat about why leadership is more than just a title and how to get past just “showing up” to work.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:01] Listen in to find out how Jason became passionate about maximizing potential performance.

[3:04] Tamara questions why and how accountability often slips by the wayside. Jason defines accountability as showing up even when you don’t want to, actually taking action, and moving into uncertainty. You have to be curious and own your own outcome.

[6:29] Who is responsible for attaining leadership skills? The employee or the leader?

Most often, employees don’t know what to do. They need to take self-development into their own hands.

[8:58] Jason suggests that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs won’t make significant progress until all three leadership pillars are operating. Pillar 1: managing systems, having a knowledge of tools and best practices. Pillar 2: accessing mentors and coaches. Pillar 3: caring/finding support from others that understand.

[12:42] Jason and Tamara ‘groupthink’ uncovering blind spots. Your brain is wired not to let you see them. You have to go through different processes to find them. Jason shares a powerful example of how a sales associate overcame shame and is now sharing her experience with clients. Vulnerability helps to build a solid, permanent relationship.

[18:29] Tamara and Jason discuss the power of vulnerability. Google spent millions of dollars to find out what kind of people make up the perfect team. Find out why psychological safety topped the list included in all high-performing teams.

[21:25] Tamara shares that she used to schedule no meetings on Friday but instead would spend the day taking her team to coffee and get to know the team. This developed a trusting, caring relationship that increased her team’s performance. Jason believes that the most important pillar is caring.

[25:18] Jason reminds us that humanity and emotions should not be put in the back seat. You need to be yourself, even at work, not a composition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Loneliness is at its highest rate, at 40 percent, in human history. Humans need connection. It’s as important as eating, drinking, and breathing. You have to have go-to people.

[30:04] How did we get to this point of few connections and loneliness?

[32:33] Tamara challenges Launchstreeters to take the time to build connections and bonds and add the layer of collaboration to find joy.

[35:14] Jason created a game called, Cards Against Mundanity, to help people build leadership skills. The game creates the magic; it creates empathy. Empathy is going through a similar emotion, not experience. Common experiences create bonds and productivity raises. If you have a friend at work, your productivity goes up 7X.

[38:25] Leading teams and team builders must take a step back and work on the foundation: vulnerability, potential, and connections. The real success is in the soft skills.

[40:30] Jason shares some tips on how to overcome the hurdle when we ask our team to innovate and make behavior changes.

[43:20] Connect with Jason here.

[44:40] Tamara reminds listeners that innovation requires you to be fully present. Contributing in a meaningful way actually elevates your engagement. Tamara challenges listeners to focus on unlocking your innovation muscles because then your engagement will rise naturally.




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