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Why Design Management and Customer Touch Points Help to Create a Competitive Advantage


Inside LaunchStreet interviews Jay Peters, the Managing Director at Park USA, and a leading expert in the management of design and innovation. We go deep into what design management really is and how anyone can use it to bring more innovation to the table. He shares tools for leveraging design management not only to get better outcomes, but also to challenge conventional approaches to solving problems and building a brand. For brands he gives the argument for why design management is critical to their success.
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Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Jay explains the how, what, and why of design management. Orchestration of all the multiple touch points in a consumer or design experience is essential. This ensures that the end result is an enjoyable end product for the consumer.

[4:09] Jay talks about touchpoints that innovators may sometimes miss. He mentions service. Does the design have any influence on customer service? He shares with us the effectiveness of the Apple experience of the genius bar. Be on the lookout for  outpoints that may give the customer an “ouch point” experience.

[6:35] What is the actual value that design management brings? What qualifications must the design management team possess?

[9:12] Design is rapidly moving forward due to technology. The role of UX (user experience) has been adopted to the technology industry. Globalization is also playing a big role. Jay predicts that design itself is becoming consolidated and commoditized.

[13:44] Circular design shifts how you think about what you bring to market. After the initial purchase, can you shift the innovation to service of the product? How can you continue to innovate and sell the product?

[15:31] Jay shares his belief that you cannot not have an experience. You will either have a positive or negative experience that will influence the success or failure of your product. Brand experience must be orchestrated so that the outcome is positive.

[17:02] Tamara shares her “ouch point” experience with Tough Mudder. She shares that there is a big disconnect between the experience leading up to the event and the event itself. She feels customer service is not connecting for the race day experience.

[19:06] Is innovation led by design? What department is responsible for innovation?

The first step in innovation is to understand an awareness. What does design mean for you? Next, you need to create the vision and roadmap.

[22:19] What roadblocks do businesses have to overcome? Roles and responsibilities are often a roadblock. Resources also must be prioritized and allocated.

[25:43] Design drives differentiation and creates a competitive advantage. The more elements you can design, the more sustainable design you will have.

[30:31] How does design management help in creating a culture of innovation? It’s all about people, process, tools, and training.

[33:56] Jay shares a tip to help businesses get moving forward. Design management consists of a triad: design, brand, and innovation. The question must be answered to help to nail down what aspect is driving your company.

[37:06] Tamara and Jay talk about the importance of using your own product to experience empathy.

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