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You Can Change. It’s time to Disrupt You!

Jay Samit is the man behind the TED talk, “Disrupt YOU,” and the creator of the Disrupt YOU workbook and has raised millions of dollars for disruptive startups. We chat about how to disrupt yourself, why you can either create disruption or be disrupted, and how people willing to let go of how they do things today are the ones that are going to shake up the world on Inside LaunchStreet.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:30] How are innovation and disruption different? Listen in to find out how Indiana Jones disrupts and changes all of the incremental advances.

[2:48] Listen in to find out how technology is increasing the rate of disruption.

Jay believes that whether by choice or circumstance, every career gets disrupted.

[4:52] Forty-seven percent of U.S. jobs will disappear in the next decade. The only defense you possess is how you respond to the disruption. Uniqueness comes when we realize the changes to society and how we leverage them for personal advantage.

[7:13] Why should I disrupt myself and how do I proceed? The first step is to change yourself and the image you see of yourself. It’s not about changing the world. List the problems you have in your life and begin to see them as opportunities to change your life and the life of others. Jay shares a story about two kids living in Tel Aviv that created the WAZE app.

[10:32] Silly Putty, Playdough, and Slinky were all created as innovators began to look at things differently and sought out opportunity. Tamara challenges her listeners to accept Jay’s 30-day challenge of writing down your problems in a notebook and identifying problems that you can innovate and change things for the better.

[14:40] Tamara shares that sometimes when we look at problems, we believe that it’s too simple. It’s important to remember that problems compound.

[15:42] The consequence of not disrupting guarantees that we will be roadkill. Don’t wait for something bad to happen.

[18:14] Jay believes that the risk you don’t take will be your biggest regret.

[19:13] Failing and failure are not the same thing. Find out how they are different. Jay shares how the dating site, Tune In, Hook UP, evolved to YouTube and Airbnb was born from the idea of renting out air mattresses.

[21:19] Jay shares how endless innovation has contributed to the thinking that consumers are no longer buying things to last forever. Change is the new normal, and the only person that can stop you is you.

[25:47] How does the ripple effect play into disruption? It’s imperative to get ahead of the ripples.

[28:51] Listen in to find out what things are shifting that can create opportunities.

Find out how big businesses invention can benefit you.

[33:10] Jay expounds on his nugget of advice, “It’s not the job of people living in the past to understand the future. It’s your job to communicate your vision in a way that people living in the past can comprehend.” Start living in a way that you can explain it to them and you’ll see progress.

[34:58] Click here to get started on your journey to disrupt yourself! Order Jay’s free 40-page workbook and listen to Jay’s “Disrupt You,” TED talk.

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