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Keep your finger on the pulse of things.

Today’s marketplace is an ever-changing and rapidly evolving landscape. If you’re not paying attention to what’s actually happening in your marketplace, it’s easy to fall behind, even if you’ve reached the pinnacle of success — and this often happens to many companies. Not to Jeff Platt though, who has had continued success and impressive results with SkyZone.


Jeff Platt is the President of SkyZone, an international franchise chain of indoor trampoline parks. With operations across the world in places as diverse as Mexico, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, SkyZone continues to see great success in the active entertainment industry.


As consumers demand more and more extreme experiences, what has SkyZone done to ensure that they are still relevant in their industry? Jeff explains his strategies to stay relevant to their customers by looking for inspiration in unlikely places, and the importance of staying connected to franchise owners and teams on the ground. We discuss SkyZone’s global strategy for growth, including being flexible enough to adapt to different cultures, the challenges (both from a business growth perspective and a leadership perspective) Jeff has faced as the company has grown, and how he has tackled them. Jeff’s advice? Keeping your finger on the pulse of your customers and your company.


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