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If the team achieves its vision, everyone wins individually.

What does teaming have to do with innovation and success? How does teaming differ from just mere collaboration? Where does diversity in teams come into play? To answer these questions, I have John Bucsek and Bellaria Jimenez. They couldn’t be more different, but they’ve come together to build a wildly successful business around the style of work they call teaming.


John Bucsek is a Certified Financial Planner™ whose success in building and implementing change in financial firms spans decades. Bellaria Jimenez is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Financial Consultant®. She has received several recognitions throughout her career, including the Hispanic Corporate Achiever of the Year; Top 50 Business Women in New Jersey; and the Prominent Woman Award. Together, they co-authored The Team Game: How Your Business Can Dominate Year After Year, a playbook for building successful teams.

T=E x A+M (Talent = Energy x Attitude + Members)

John and Bellaria explain why teaming is so important to growing a business. It’s all about understanding your unique abilities and having team members to complement your weaknesses with their unique abilities. Yet, it can be hard for people to recognize where they’re weak and have the confidence/vulnerability to own it and get help. John and Bellaria reveal how they approach this in coaching people, and dive into how to hire for teaming, and why hiring for diversity is more important than hiring superstars. They have strategies to encourage and manage the discomfort that is a part of working with people who have different perspectives, a unique take on accountability.

If you are ready to:

  • get buy-in from key decision-makers on your next big idea

  • be a high-impact, high-value member that ignites change

  • foster a culture of innovation where everyone on your team is bringing innovative ideas that tackle challenges and seize opportunities…


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