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Tamara answers some of YOUR questions!

I’ve been getting some questions from people in the Free Innovation Workshop about the Everyday Innovators Tribe membership program, designed to unlock your innovation potential, create massive impact, and help you lead strong in your team or organization. I wanted to tackle these questions and give you some insights about what the program is all about, and how you stand to benefit from it.


I dig into these five questions:

  1. I’m not on FB much. Will I get value if I’m not on it?

  2. How do I buy for my team?

  3. Does my team member need to be a certain level (e.g. leadership level) to join the Everyday Innovators Tribe?

  4. If I feel totally lacking in innovation or creativity — will the Everyday Innovators Tribe help me change that?

  5. Why is the price so low given how much you get? I’m suspicious — do I have to buy in every time I do a jam session or a Q&A?


Such great questions and I think you’ll be surprised by some of my answers!


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