How To Launch An Innovative Product In A Traditional Industry With Jonah Lupton


Be a Lover, Not a Fighter! How to Leverage Traditional Industry Players

There are many factors that make or break the success of a new idea, especially an innovative one that bumps up against a traditional industry. There are two big factors I wanted to address with our guest today, Johan Lupton, creator of SoundGuard, soundproof paint. First, how to solve a big enough problem that you create a massive market for your product, and second how to actually leverage instead of fighting the traditional players in the industry. We dig into Jonah’s mistakes, successes, how we thought differently about where his product fits in the bigger picture and why staying focused on who you serve is key.


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Key Takeaways:

[1:29] You may be surprised to learn that Jonah spent 8 years working in the investment industry. Also, he’s never been to California!

[3:24] Jonah left the investment industry and began trying to solve the problem of hearing his neighbor’s kids in the townhouse next door. He set out to create a noise blocker paint that looked nice as well. This began his journey of creating SoundGuard.

[7:44] Jonah built a partnership with the lab to help him build the paint. He knew that he needed expertise. Tamara reminds listeners to know your lane.

[10:27] Find out what lessons Jonah has learned along the production journey. Tamara points out that Jonah figured out how to identify the qualifiers that will take the unnecessary fear out of the conversation.

[15:32] Jonah has had great success in sending cold emails. He’s getting a great response because the subject line addressed a need. Tamara tells about a new idea of drone window washing. The biggest challenge the inventor is experiencing is inertia. Moving to something new is often a big hurdle. Jonah shares how he moves past the hurdles of new construction.

[19:22] What kind of proof do customers need? Is having faith in the product enough? Jonah shares his experience that he declined painting an elevator shaft because he didn’t have the proof that the paint would stop vibration sounds. Some projects, you just have to say no to. Johan pointed out that he has to stay in his lane and focus on the sweet spots of his product.

[23:32] Listen in as Jonah talks about how his dream and focus for SoundGuard has changed along the way.

[26:00] Tamara introduces listeners to innovation on demand, a course to help entrepreneurs create a kick-ass one-page business plan and a commodities no competition zone.

[28:26] What sustained Jonah during the two-year product launch? How did he keep the motivation and drive going? Tamara reminds listeners that you have to have faith in yourself and believe in your product during the uncertain times.

[34:40] Connect with Jonah at or Google soundproof paint.

[34:59] Jonah gives advice on how to launch a revolutionary and defendable product. He advises that you don’t always need a co-founder. Other specialists can help you fill this space.

[36:41] Tamara challenges listeners that live in shared spaces to tell your manager/owner about Soundguard. Jonah offers a $1,000 referral fee if you can help him land contracts.

[38:35] Jonah reminded Tamara that you can battle the status quo. Yet, figure out a way to leverage the system, be complementary, and still be disruptive. Ask yourself, how can I leverage the system to my benefit?



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