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How Keeping an Open Mind and Being More Conscious of Your Thoughts Launch You Toward Success

Are you tired of people telling you to be more entrepreneurial or wondering what it takes to adapt in today’s changing marketplace? Me, too! That’s why I had Joni Fedders, the president of Aileron, a national nonprofit committed to helping individuals and small businesses succeed, stop by Inside LaunchStreet. We talk about the power of adding value to the world, the anabolic and catabolic energy it takes to be an entrepreneur and how leaping into the unknown has helped her succeed.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:38] Many people are surprised to learn that Joni found her voice at age 12 when she wrote a letter to the editor complaining about a business that left their lights on all night. Little did she know that the business was her Dad’s company!

[2:48] Aileron’s mission is to raise the quality of life in America by developing growing and sustainable companies.

[3:59] Is it possible for a lot of little businesses to have the same impact as large corporate businesses?

[5:02] Joni shares that for small businesses to compete, and be successful entrepreneurs, they need to be proactive and adaptive. You need to be consciously adaptive and aware of what’s happening. You must be good change agents.

[7:03] Do change agents make change happen or do they leverage change as it’s happening?

[8:35] Tamara reminds listeners that right now there is so much room to be the long-term change agent.

[8:56] Being an innovator isn’t just your work. It’s your life. Joni asks class participants one question to point out that there are a lot of emotions that accompany successful entrepreneurs. She asks, When you hear the name of your business, what emotions run through your body?

[10:47] Tamara asks Joni if you always have to feel energized and excited. Get introduced to anabolic and catabolic energy. Joni believes that it’s natural to feel both positive and negative emotions. What’s most important is becoming conscious to the emotions.

[14:00] Tamara and Joni discuss that it’s often hard to deal with the isolation of small business. Often, business owners take it all on their shoulders. Joni’s classes can help people deal with the pressure.

[16:20] Tamara reminds listeners about the importance of seeking other people’s perspective. Learn about the power of a peer advisory board. What does the advisory board look like?

[18:48] Failure and Success make up the two sides of the entrepreneur coin. Joni shares an example of failure with Iams Dog Food. Joni believes that biggest contributing factor to successful entrepreneurship is that you are able to create and articulate value.

[20:09] In today’s marketplace, is it enough to go to market with something better or stronger?

[24:02] What are some commonalities in businesses that succeed? Joni believes that successful businesses are conscious and adaptable. They focus on a win/win scenario — a win for the customer and a win for the business.

[28:03] Tamara mentions that most great leaders lean into learning and keep an open mind.

[28:35] Find out how Joni’s risk-taker imaginative archetype led her from dog food to starting her own tech company.

[31:17] Connect with Joni at

[31:31] Joni shares that there were many times that she looked back and thought, Wow, I’ve made some big mistakes — but, I am sure glad I did it.

[32:45] Tamara shares that she recently encouraged a member of her family to leave corporate America in search of her own consulting firm. If her experiment fails, she will gain valuable learning to take back into the corporate world.

[34:57] Joni offers two pieces of advice. One — continue to become more of a conscious Aileron leader. Be aware of what you are thinking. Two —keep an open mind and continue to learn. Experimentation adds value.

[36:25] Tamara reminds listeners that it’s not enough to be better. You have to add value and articulate value. The value must be innovative! Watch the video about how to avoid the ‘-er’ trap on Innovation on Demand to become a successful entrepreneur.


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