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Systems and processes can help innovation and improve your business.

It’s a common myth that systems and processes hinder innovation — but if done right, it actually removes the mundane and gives you the space to innovate. In addition, having the right systems and processes in place can help you get your business working for you, instead of the other way around. Josh Fonger joins me to show us how.


Josh Fonger is a consultant, coach, and speaker who is recognized as the leading authority in Business Performance Architecture, i.e. how to set up systems and structures in your business to work for you. After reading Sam Carpenter’s book Work The System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less, Josh approached Sam to form a partnership focused on helping businesses properly organize and systematize their operations so they can achieve exponential growth. Today, Josh is one of the most in-demand Small Business Consultants in North America and has helped small startup businesses to $500 million enterprises from over 50 countries get unstuck using systematic solutions.


We dive into what inspired Josh to connect with Sam and start helping others “work the system,” as well as why we often don’t realize our systems aren’t working for us until it’s too late. Josh shares some of the top warning signs that our systems need an overhaul, as well as his insights into why people allow themselves to become the bottleneck. We also discuss how people can get into the system mindset, effective triggers for change, and how to balance systems with innovation, as well as why it’s as much about building the right systems as it is having the right people carry out the systems to get to success.



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