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How to make space for all brains in business.

We all know that everyone thinks differently, but did you know that male and female brains are actually wired differently from a neurological perspective? That’s why men and women think differently and it can have very significant impacts on how we relate to one another in the workplace. Kate Lanz joins us on this episode to dive into the science behind our gendered brains, and how we can tap into that to drive innovation.

Kate Lanz is the founder and CEO of Mindbridge, a UK-based global leadership company specializing in the power of modern neuroscience and releasing latent brain potential. She is also a trained neuropsychologist who works as a leadership coach and organizational psychologist. Her new book, All the Brains in the Business: The Engendered Brain in the 21st Century Organisation, dives into brain gender difference and how it impacts the workplace.

What are the differences between female and male brains from a science perspective and how does that show up at work? Kate explains how our brains vary in terms of neural connectivity, hormone levels, and stress responses, and this can really translate to different working styles in a team. Figuring out what kind of brains you have on your team, and how to leverage them can give leaders the edge on getting teams to work together better, in brain-friendly ways. Kate also shares more about managing our emotions to get into ‘thrive” mode, leading the brain in times of crisis, and risk-taking behavior in women vs men.

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