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How to drive your team in the direction of innovation.

You may have noticed that in some organizations, everyone seems to be on the same page and moving forward together as if pulled along by an invisible force. In other organizations, everyone seems to be scattered in different directions and perhaps even pulling each other down. What causes this, and how can you get your team moving in the direction of innovation? Katherine Radeka has the answers.


With over 13 years of experience working with multinational companies globally, Katherine Radeka, Executive Director of the Rapid Learning Cycles Institute, is an expert who has time-tested insight into what it takes to drive teams toward innovation. She focuses on helping companies create the corporate culture, infrastructure, and strategy necessary to strengthen existing innovation teams, close knowledge gaps faster, and optimize product innovation programs. Her new book, High-Velocity Innovation: How to Get Your Best Ideas to Market Faster, lays out best practices and methods to help business leaders remove barriers to innovation and get their best ideas to market faster.


Creating a pull for innovation really needs to start with the strategic imperative — leaders need to understand where and why the company needs innovation, and communicate that to the whole company so everyone is in alignment. Katherine reveals some of the common resistors and forces that counter the pull of innovation and how to deal with them, as well as why velocity is important to innovation in taking advantage of windows of opportunity as they open up. We also dive into why delaying decisions can make the company more responsive to the dynamic marketplace, how to make real-time decisions, and where learning cycles tie into this.


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