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One of the most important aspects of any business is your customers. Not just getting customers, but keeping them. In fact, most failed businesses spend a lot of time and money on acquiring new customers but not a lot of energy on keeping them. Showing your customers some love is a great place to innovate as well. The element of surprise and delight goes a long way with your customers or clients. In this episode customer experience guru, Shep Hyken, gives us some real-world stories and tools to keep our customers coming back for more. As a reminder, you may have customers, clients, members or even internal customers inside your organization. No matter where you are coming from, this episode will help you think differently about your customer experience. 



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Definitely check out Shep’s website. You’ll find a wealth of resources and learn more about how to connect with Shep. And his latest book, I’ll Be Back, can be found on Amazon, his website and most retailers. 

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