We’ve all been there. We get started on a new project and we’re all excited and brimming with new ideas, but over time, we tend to fall back on old tricks and habits. It feels like the magic fades and it becomes so hard to keep it going, especially when the doubting and naysaying comes in. So, how can we keep our magic from getting stale as time passes?

It comes down to Kelley and Conner’s Emotional Cycle of Change — that’s why we start off with magic and excitement but then it dips down, and this applies to any change cycle, whether it’s changing our habits, behaviors, mindsets, or driving a new idea or innovation. I share more about the five stages in this cycle — uninformed optimism, Informed pessimism, hopeful realism, informed optimism, and completion — and where we often get stuck or start to feel unmotivated.

I also have some strategies that you can put into action right away that can help you push through and keep the magic going in a realistic way, just by moving into the mindset of hopeful realism and informed optimism. By allowing us to keep the magic going but have a relationship with reality, we can keep changing and keep innovating. Find out five ways of how you can keep the magic alive too.

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